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1z0-060 Q11

Which three are true about the large pool for an Oracle database instance that supports shared server connections?

A.Allocates memory for RMAN backup and restore operations

B.Allocates memory for shared and private SQL areas

C.Contains a cursor area for storing runtime information about cursors

D.Contains stack space

E.Contains a hash area performing hash joins of tables


14.4 Configuring the Large Pool

Unlike the shared pool, the large pool does not have an LRU list. Oracle Database does not attempt to age objects out of the large pool. Consider configuring a large pool if the database instance uses any of the following Oracle Database features:

* Shared server
In a shared server architecture, the session memory for each client process is included in the shared pool. ( B TRUE )

* Parallel query
Parallel query uses shared pool memory to cache parallel execution message buffers.

* Recovery Manager
Recovery Manager (RMAN) uses the shared pool to cache I/O buffers during backup and restore operations. For I/O server processes, backup, and restore operations, Oracle Database allocates buffers that are a few hundred kilobytes in size. ( A – TRUE )

When storing shared server-related UGA in the large pool, the exact amount of UGA that Oracle Database uses depends on the application. Each application requires a different amount of memory for session information, and configuration of the large pool should reflect the memory requirement.
and the UGA (User Global Area) is your state information, this area of memory will be accessed by your current session, depending on the connection type (shared server) the UGA can be located in the SGA which is accessible by any one of the shared server processes, because a dedicated connection does not use shared servers the memory will be located in the PGA

Stack space is a subset of user session data that always reside in PGA.
The remaining part is stored in UGA.

E.FALSE hash area is subset of workarea wich reside in PGA

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 17.33.40

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 17.33.37

Fundamentals of the Large Pool (Doc ID 62140.1)


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